Traveling Art Shop

The Sunshine Shop 850 is owned and operated by local artist, Rayna Of Sunshine. Her art is available in the form of paintings, original clothing, hand-painted denim, hand-painted furniture, reusable tote bags, and more! 

At every event, we also feature various guest artists and live tarot readers!

No matter the crew- we all share one common goal: spreading sunshine in as many communities as possible.

Stop by and enjoy some good vibes at the Sunshine Shop 850 ☀️



Rayna Of Sunshine is 20 years old and a Pensacola native. Being diagnosed with depression at a young age, she has always understood the importance of people who spread positivity- and vowed to become that person for as many humans as she can. Rayna was first introduced to art as a form of therapy, and began sharing her work on various social media platforms. After realizing just how many people can be exposed to what you post on the internet, she narrowed her art style down to one specific message... summarized by just three words- happy, hippie, and human.

And what great adventure doesn't involve friends?

Meet Aleiah Vitrano, aka @SketchyLei on Instagram. Aleiah was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana before moving to Pensacola for college. While working on her teaching degree, she picked up a part time job as an art teacher at a local preschool that Rayna also worked at. This was the start of a significant friendship, constantly inspiring each other to get closer to their life path. Aleiah left behind a relationship of 4+ years and an entire ~lifetime~ of anxiety to live in a van and pursue her true dream of selling art all over the country! She is an AMAZING portrait artist and offers live sketches at the Sunshine Shop 850 and other venues when she is in town! If an event has her name on it, you don't want to miss it. 

Photographed above, we have Lee, also know as @metta.terra on instagram! They are 22 years old and originally from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Starting out as a customer them self, Lee quickly became a close friend to the Sunshine Shop 850 crew, and began vending with us a few months later! They offer a wide range of spiritual services, the most popular being their unique tarot and oracle spreads. Their first event was a HIT- each card pull instantly connecting with every person who sat in the chair. Lee has such a magnetic spirit that cannot be summarized into one paragraph, so come on out and feel the vibes for yourself! 

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